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Grading Services in Braselton

SouthernClassic Excavation & Horse Arenas has over 30 years experience in working the ground here in Georgia.

We do precision work that provides the best bass possible along with necessary water drainage. To make sure the end result is what you want we always listen to our customers and provide them with the best technical consultation to make their project a success. We do this by providing:
  • FREE Phone Consultations

  • On-Site Planning

  • Topping Recommendations

  • Making Available Engineered Plans

For horse arenas we offer the same above and:
  • Laser Graded Construction
  • Mandated Compaction and Crowning
  • Water Runoff Management
  • Fencing, Watering and Lighting Recommendations
  • Regrading and Re-crowning Problem Arenas
  • Tree Clearing for Arenas, Barns and Pasture
  • Wet Land Reclaimed for Pastures
  • Pasture Seeding and Maintenance Referrals


  • A strong foundation for Buildings, Roads and Driveways
  • Basement and House Pads Built
  • Prep Barn Pads for new Buildings
  • Driveways Built and Regraded
  • Effective Water Drainage Systems
  • Control over Topsoil erosion
  • Clear and grade acres
  • Clear and grade land
SouthernClassic Excavation & Horse Arenas provides all type of exceptional quality Grading and Land Clearing Services for our customers. We use laser guided GPS grading to ensure hassle-free drainage system and a solid foundation for your project.

Commercial Site Work:

  • Grading and Land Clearing
  • Excavation of Land
  • Construction of Roads and Driveways

Building Site Preparation:

  • Site Preparation
  • Site Clearing
  • Land Clearing

Major Grading or Re-sloping:

  • Major Grading
  • Major Re-sloping

Retention & Drainage Services:

  • Water retention
  • Storm Drains
  • Underground Water retention

Markets Served: