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Building an arena that serves your specific needs and lasts for many years of pleasurable riding is our quest. Having worked with the equestrian community in Georgia for the past 30 years, we have seen the best, most useful arenas constructed, and we have been called upon to correct shoddy, poorly built arenas that served no useful purpose. We refuse to build anything but quality designed and constructed arenas. Most of our new customers come from referrals from previous clients who have been well pleased with their riding facilities.

An Arena That Serves Your Specific Needs

Arenas that are built on topsoil or grass or receive little or no compaction in progressive lifts while being constructed, will hold water during rainy periods, thereby rendering you unable to ride for extended days or weeks at a time. Our arenas receive the compaction mandated that enables you to get back on them shortly after a normal rainfall without destroying your surface or having your horses mire down. With a 1-1½% crown in two directions rain will drain off quickly, not puddling up all over the surface.



Your enjoyment of the arena can directly be related to the topping material you have installed. Toppings that work well for dressage and jumping will not produce the same results for barrel racing or bulldogging events. River sand in small quantities can enhance one arena, and in large amounts cause slippage and injuries. We take the time to tailor the topping to your exact needs.

Site location for arenas or barns can prevent future headaches from erosion of your arena topping or stalls that remain wet all winter. Building in a flood plain or wetland or utility right-of-ways can present unique challenges that handled properly can maximize your land usage. We have recovered swamp land for pastures.