About Us

Our equipment operators are drug-free and treat our customers with respect and dignity. They have 30+ years of experience, and Level 1 Georgia State Erosion Control Certification mandated for any grading done in state.

When an arena is started, it will be completed and ready for your riding within one to two weeks in most all cases, depending on the soil conditions and weather permitting. Specialty arenas, i.e. polo fields, team penning, bulldogging, and barrel racing, can also be built.

We specialize in selective land clearing for barns or pastures. We can build the pad for your new barn on grade.

Our main goal is to see you pleased with your new arena and equestrian facility that will serve your every need for years to come! We look forward to hearing from you to give us that opportunity to begin.


We are Consultants and Lecturers on the UGA Master Equine Program that is conducted throughout the state on the building and maintenance of riding arenas.